The Hi! PARIS Engineering Team is made up of engineers specializing in Data and artificial intelligence. This initiative is intended to bring added value to researchers in the development of their project.
  • Support the development of research projects
  • Promotion of reproducible research
  • Support teaching programs (Hackathon, bootcamp …)
  • Bring ad hoc expertise to research teams
  • Maintain and deploy a data factory (a development platform)
  • Provide the necessary technical resources
  • Promote the work of researchers
  • Capitalize on research projects
  • Encourage collaborations between schools in order to deepen research by mutualizing resources
Unique space for disruption, training and innovation, development and technology transfer, Hi! PARIS will operate in key application areas such as energy and environment, defense and security, healthcare, retail and luxury goods, telecoms, food, finance and insurance…
Your engineering team contact

Gaëtan Brison

Lead Engineering Team

Pierre-Antoine Amiand-Leroy

Machine Learning Engineer

Awais Hussain Sani

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Laurène David

Machine Learning Engineeer

Past projects

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Movement Analysis in Medical Imaging

Researcher : Sao Mai Nguyen (ENSTA)

Contributors : Amine Yamoul, Danaël Schlewer

Contact : 📧

Deep Learning for SAR imagery

Self-supervised training of despeckling networks with MERLIN

Researcher : Emanuele Dalsasso (Telecom Paris)

Contributors :Pierre Blanchard, Gaëtan Brison, Youcef Kemiche

GitHub Knowledge Spillover

Knowledge spreading in the open source community

Researcher : Aluna Wang (HEC Paris)

Contributors : Awais Sani, Gaëtan Brison

Contact : 📧

Structured Predictions

Classification methods to deal with structured outputs

Researcher : Florence D'Alché (Telecom Paris)

Contributors : Awais Sani, Gaëtan Brison, Danaël Schlewer

Contact : 📧


Economical Topic Modeling

Topic modeling on "Les Echos" articles  to measure the evolution of the preponderance of certain themes since 2005.

Researcher : Anna Simoni (ENSAE)

Contributors : Pierre-Antoine Amiand Leroy

Contact : 📧


Text similarities between news articles and political parties' programmes

Researcher : Klaus Miller, Yufei Shin (HEC Paris)

Contributors : Pierre Blanchard, Danaël Schlewer Pierre-Antoine Amiand-Leroy

Contact : 📧

Meta Learning Demo

Detecting Problematic Conversations in Customer Services

Researcher : Gaël Guibon (Telecom Paris)

Contributors : Awais Sani, Danaël Schlewer


GDP predictions using Wall Street Journal articles

Researcher : Anna Simoni (ENSAE Paris)

Contributors : Pierre-Antoine Amiand-Leroy

Contact : 📧

Data App Cookies

Economic Loss of Cookie Lifetime Restrictions

Researcher : Klaus Miller (HEC Paris)

Contributors : Awais Sani, Gaëtan Brison

Contact : 📧

Data Depth

Depth-Based Classification and Calculation of Data Depth

Researcher : Pavlo Mozharovskyi (Telecom Paris)

Contributors : Kevin Aggoun, Pierre-Antoine Amiand-Leroy, Yamine Amoule

Contact : 📧

Amazon Online Reviews

Predicting an item's grade based on its features

Researcher : Andreas Lanz (HEC Paris)

Contributors : Gaëtan Brison

Contact : 📧